2019 Golf Rates

(Effective until December 31, 2019)

“Live On The Edge”



Winter Rates (End April 9th)

          9-Holes                              All Players                        $12.00

          18-Holes                             All Players                        $17.00

Weekday Rates (Monday Through Friday)

          Weekday 9-Holes              Adult                                $16.00

          Weekday 18-Holes            Adult                                 $23.00

          Weekday 9-Holes             Ages 7 to 17                      $ 6.00

          Weekday 18-Holes            Ages 7 to 17                      $9.00


Weekend Rates (Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)

          Weekend 9-Holes              Adults                               $18.00

          Weekend 18-Holes            Adults                                $28.00

         Weekend 9-Holes              Ages 7 to 17                       $ 9.00

          Weekend 18-Holes            Ages 7 to 17                       $14.00


Cart Riding Rates

          9-Hole Cart Rider Fee (Per Rider, playing or not)        $  6.00

          18-Hole Cart Rider Fee (Per Rider, playing or not)        $12.00

          Cart Punch Card (40 9-Hole Rounds)                             $225

          Cart Season Pass (Per Person)                                       $475


Season Passes

  1. All of our greens fee passes except for the college pass are valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. You may purchase a pass at anytime during the year and half-season passes are no longer available.

  2. Players who purchase an Adult Unlimited, Husband and Wife, or the adult portion of the Family Pass for three consecutive years will now be designated as a LEGACY CUSTOMER. After the third year, Legacy Customers will be protected from future rate increases for a period of five years as long as they continue to purchase their pass annually. After five years, the Legacy Customer price will step up to within 5% of the current rate and another five year protection window will open. Failure to purchase a designated pass during any year for any reason will dismiss the Legacy designation and the process will start all over.

          Family Pass (Husband, Wife, all children at home 17 & under)                                                                                                                                                            $875 plus $30/child age 17 & Under**

         Husband and Wife Pass                                                $875

          Adult Unlimited Pass                                                     $600

          1st Time Buyer or Welcome Back Pass                        $450*

                   * (Welcome Back Pass only available once every 3 years, cannot have a pass the prior year)

          College Pass (Ages 18 to 24, enrolled)                        $275**

                     ** (Only valid for the months of May-August)

          Junior Pass (Ages 7 to 17)                                             $110

          18 Hole Punch Card           12 Rounds                          $240

          9 Hole Punch Card            12 Rounds                          $175



Private Golf Instruction

          Adult Private (Head Professional)           45 Minutes    $45.00

          Junior Private (Head Professional)         45 Minutes    $25.00